You see, folks.

That's the problem with first model year German products. There can be problems. The all-new, 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is not immune to this.

Originally reported in Mercedes-Benz forums, the C-Class' "bleeding seat" has made a return, again.

Cars affected are those optioned with the MB-Tex leatherette interior. According to those that have dealt with the problem, the issue appears when the respective C's have been sitting in the cold for a period of time and are warmed up fast. Obviously if you live anywhere in the northeast this is a common occurrence.

This led to Mercedes issuing a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB). While the headrests and seat covers were replaced, the problem persists.

While the C has been receiving a lot of love from critics — like myself — this is a blow to the vehicle as word will spread about this hang up. Hopefully Mercedes can address this issue fully for the 2016 MY vehicles.

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“I can’t even believe I’m writing this, but I just noticed that my new, just replaced, MB-Tex covers are starting to bleed. It is only on limited areas of the rear seat so far, but it is definitely there. Both side bolsters and the small horizontal strip under the rear armrest were completely covered with the oily residue today. I have not yet seen any white evaporate, but this is exactly how it started the first time around.Those are the only sections that have shown the problem at this point. Both front seats are clear, and the rear seats are clear except for those bolsters and the one strip.I called my dealer’s service manager, who has already gotten in touch with MB-USA about this. My dealer has been fantastic, and MB-USA has been very responsive, so let’s see what happens now.There is the possibility that this is a minor issue which will go away with time and some cleaning … or it may progress and get worse. Right now it’s wait and see, but I’m anything but pleased with this very unexpected turn of events. I’m beginning to feel like there must be a vengeful BMW/Audi god out there trying to make my life miserable.The irony is that, except for those lousy seats, the car is now 100% perfect. Everything works, everything fits, and it’s a joy to drive. What a shame.”

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