Some of Porsche’s wildest road cars have worn the GT2 badge, from the homologation special 993 GT2 to the massively powerful 997 GT2 RS.

Rumours that Porsche will continue its series of extreme turbocharged 911s we’re confirmed earlier in the year by Porsche’s head of GT, Andreas Preuninger when he said a new model is imminent...

...However, we’d put money on it having more than the 572bhp that the Turbo S puts out. The last GT2 RS had 611bhp, and not to be out done by its previous incarnations, the new car will have significantly more than that. Max power in excess of 650bhp would not be surprising...

...One element we’re sure the GT2 RS will have that the GT3 RS doesn’t are helper springs for the rear suspension. These were first introduced to Porsche’s GT cars with the old GT2 RS and have been used in the current GT3 to increase its pliancy on the road without sacrificing control...


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RUMOR: The All-New Porsche 911 GT2RS Is Coming — Here's What To Expect

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