The other day I took off from work.

I had woken up not feeling so hot and after the launch of an all-new website for the technology company I work for, I was throughly burnt out. After grabbing lunch from a local mom and pop, I was heading back to my place down the main boulevard when I saw it. 


Boasting a large front grille and plenty of swirly camouflage on its facade from the B-Pillar back, I recognized its silhouette immediately.


It was the all-new Audi A5/S5 Sportback undergoing testing right in my neighborhood. The B9 A4 equipped with Michigan-issued manufacturer plates further confirmed this. It was traveling in the other direction so I could not get my camera out fast enough. 


For me this isn’t a huge surprise given that Volkswagen Auto Group’s east coast training and testing facility is a stone’s throw from my home, but I usually never see them on local streets. And, it was especially cool given that there’s been some speculation as to whether or not it will arrive on U.S. soil. Personally, I am putting my money on it that the car will arrive here in with this second-gem product.


While I wasn’t too sold on the last-gen A5 Sportback that arrived in Europe only, I have to say that this one did look a bit better. And, to help you imagine this, a Photoshop artists extraordinaire has made it a virtual reality. 


That said, IF Audi were to build this and ship it to The States, would you get your deposit in hand?

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SPIED + RENDERED SPECULATION: If The Next-Gen Audi S5 Sportback Looks Like THIS, Will You Have Your Deposit Ready?

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