It's funny.

At the start of this week when I got my first glimpse of the all-new Lamborghini that's supposed to pay homage to the brand's 50 years in operation, I could only think one thing.

"What the hell is this?" Inspired by an Apache helicopter? You've got to be joking.

And after reading one of my favorite auto critics's perspective, I only have become more skeptical of what's going on over at Lamborghini and its latest designs. Clearly, someone over there has a serious fetish for vehicles that find themselves home in the sky.

If that's the case go design jet fighters and covert helicopters for crying out loud.

As Steve Sutcliffe points out, it was approximately a handful of years ago Lamborghini's changed from being artful to a dog's dinner. While they are provocative and elicit a response, it just seems that Lamborghini is embracing its vulgarity instead of producing sensual, emotive products.

I mean, when you name a vehicle and the first three letters spell "ego," you're not hiding much are you? Not to mention it's a single seater. Good thing it has a canopy roof so you can get your MASSIVE head inside.

All this said, Sutcliffe makes a good point: what happened to designing beautiful cars, like the Miura or Espada? What about the front-engined car, the 350GT, that started it all?

Instead now we're presented with the Reventon — essentially a body kit — and the Veneno — a particularly ugly Aventador with a slight power bump and a lot of excess design.

What say you, Spies? Is the age of beautiful Lamborghinis gone?

Lamborghini Egoist Photo Gallery

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Say It Isn't So, Lamborghini! Are Beautiful Car Designs Forgotten?

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