Read the mainstream media based car websites and you'll find that for the most part, they're just going through the motions, keeping as far away from content that reveals REAL car secrets.

For example, have you ever read one of their articles that their 'experts' say are the hottest deals out there? Well, who couldn't beat those deals in 3 minutes with minimal negotiation skills?

Or the most inaccurate car valuation numbers on earth, otherwise known as the Kelly Blue Book 'Trade-in Value'. In twenty something years doing this I've never seen one that was right on the money. Ever.

It's almost like they're in bed with certain manufacturers and they just share what they're told by the bosses who need the ad deals to survive. Ya think? ;)

So I always laugh when I read the articles that say head to the dealer between Christmas and New Year if you want the 'best' deal of the year.

Yeah right. The week dealers know that you have less than seven days to make a deal or you won't get to write off the deal? Like they don't KNOW that and hold most of the cards.

Besides, how much great inventory is left by then? Yippee, you get to pick the leftover stuff no one else wanted!

So let us net it out for you and share what we think is the best time to buy a car...

Here are our three favorite times for the best possible deals IN order:

1. The first two weeks of January, ESPECIALLY in bad weather areas that have had inclement conditions. Remember, those end of year deals also spill into January. And those first two weeks are quiet.

2. Memorial Day Weekend. That is the first weekend of the year where they want to go hard before everyone is too busy having fun on vacation and would rather be doing anything else but visiting a car dealer.

3. Labor Day Weekend. The slower the year for a car company, the more aggressive their deals get on their Labor Day Weekend sales. Because they look at where they stand in their yearly sales forecast and if it's running below estimates, they gotta turn on the burners to make sure the year will end well.

But here's the sleeper secret...I've always found that Thanksgiving Week/Black Friday weekend is KILLER for getting good deals. People are focused on other things, and car dealers want to set the tone for their sales people to  pump them up psychologically but closing a lot of units quickly so they can say "WOW! we're on a roll, this is gonna be a great holiday!"

So there you have it. REAL info, from people who are truly working for YOU so you can make the right decisions on such an important financial decision for you and your family. Good luck on your future car buying!

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The Experts Say The Best Time To Buy A Car Is The End Of December. Guess What? They're WRONG!

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