Now I am not sure about you, Spies, but when I took Driver's Ed in high school, they took driving seriously.

And, one thing that was repeatedly beat into my still developing brain was that it is critical to give the road your full attention.

That means no eating, no drinking, no phone calls — this was before texting was rampant — and certainly no leisure reading behind the wheel.

Something tells me that any Driver's Ed course would not have thought to cover this though.

A driver in the U.K. has filmed another person behind the wheel traveling at highway speed while attempting to solve a Rubik's Cube. Well, that's one way to take care of any commuting boredom. After seeing what has been caught on camera with Tesla's Autopilot users, we think she must have been a bit confused to her vehicle's actual capabilities.

According to the BBC, the local police will not be looking into the matter as it was reported to the department via social media. Never mind the fact the act is clearly visible as is the driver's face and license plate.

A woman has been filmed apparently playing with a Rubik's Cube while driving on the M61 near Bolton.
She is shown resting the 3D puzzle on the steering wheel and using both hands to try to solve it.
The man who filmed it, Macauley Stephens, said he reported the incident, which happened on 1 July, to police via Twitter.

Greater Manchester Police said "as a rule" they do not investigate reports they receive via social media.

VIDEO: Driver In UK Thinks They're Using Tesla's Autopilot, Caught Solving Rubik's Cube AT SPEED

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