If you're a fan of the McLaren F1, it's a sad fact of reality but I think it's safe to say unless we hit the Powerball or invent the cure to cancer, we may have trouble acquiring one.

Not only were less than 100 units built, the prices of these awesome British supercars continue to skyrocket.

The last one that sold at auction fetched over $8 million dollars. Yeah, you could say the market is strong for the F1.

So, what do average Joes do in this situation? Well, play the lottery.

Now an average Joe that knows how to wrench, he goes out and builds his own. From what we've run across it's pretty clear there are two types of replica builders:

1) The guy who wants to get EVERY detail as close to the real deal as possible; and

2) The guy who tends to say "Good enough." Of course, that isn't even close to good.

That said, there's three examples of McLaren F1 replicas in the videos below.

The first clip shows a builder who has taken eight years to build this F1 replica. It features a BMW V12 motor, brakes from a Mercedes-Benz and even has the three-seat layout.

Following that you'll see two more that are, well, interesting but not nearly on the same level as the lad who spent eight years on task.

Take a look below and see for yourself...

And now onto the bad one...

VIDEO: The Difference Between A GOOD McLaren F1 Replica And A Not-So-Good One

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