One of the things about digging through the daily news is that after a while you get a wee bit jaded by current events.

I have to admit, I am a bit desensitized. 

But every once and a while something comes about that cannot be ignored. This is one of those stories. 

This past week a couple of women were involved in an altercation you have to see to believe. Apparently this happened in South Los Angeles. In the two clips below you'll see the two females going at it verbally and physically. Once both individuals get into their vehicles though this fight goes to another level.

That's because the Toyota RAV4 driver rams into the BMW X3 owner. And, it doesn't stop after one impact. There's multiple impacts and it goes on for more than five minutes. 

Just wait until the end though. There's a bonus I won't reveal here.

The parking lot of a California shopping center became the scene of a demolition derby Sunday. The bizarre duel occurred in South Los Angeles after two women reportedly got into an argument inside a grocery store and it spilled into the parking lot. In a video of the incident, the women can be seen getting into their cars and proceeding to collide into each other. The BMW driver did her best to close the door and get away, but the woman in the SUV repeatedly rammed her vehicle into the car.


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