While it's pretty rare that I bask in someone else's misery, it does happen time to time.

This is one of them.

If you were to look up the definition of "douchebag" in the dictionary I am pretty sure it would have a picture of Guy Gentile next to it. Known for getting nabbed for an alleged "pump and dump" scheme and then after supposedly double crossing the FBI, it turns out he doesn't have much luck with the ladies.

Another story I read about this Emmy-award winner cited he met a reporter in a sweltering office because he stopped paying the utility bills — the building was going to his estranged wife in their divorce proceedings. You know, a real stand up guy.

Anyway, this dweeb dumped his 24-year-old model girlfriend and she must have thought that revenge was a dish best served cold. Or, at least, with chlorine. This led her to sink his Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid in his Bahamas home's backyard pool. 

...“Lier!” Kuchma, 24, texted Gentile in broken English on Saturday night after the dirty deed. “You told me you will help me to start a business! That were your words! Now you want to be an investor??? Well investor I have a surprise for you on a backyard, start with that investment idea first.”

Gentile, who was busted for an alleged Wall Street pump-and-dump scheme in 2007 but became an FBI informant to beat the charges, came home the next morning to find his Mercedes S400 hybrid in a chlorine grave...

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Wannabe Wolf Of Wall Street Has MORE Bad Luck — Latest Ex Drives Mercedes Into His Pool

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