If you've been paying attention to the luxury auto market as of late, it's been painfully obvious that every automaker is rushing to build more sport-utility vehicles.

And, let's face it, some do it better than others.

That hasn't stopped all-new entrants from entering the fray. There's money to be made, folks. Can't forego a chance to potentially pick some up.

And that's how vehicles like the Jaguar F-Pace and all-new E-Pace have come to be.

After spending a week with an F-Pace, my first impressions of a well-built and capable SUV were eroded. By the time I handed the keys back I found myself frustrated with its rather cheap interior, irked with its overly firm suspension and none too happy with its handling ability as it always had way too much body roll. While there's no way I'd be in line to buy this luxury SUV with so many other great options, it gave Jaguar's sales figures a boost.

This has led to the E-Pace. Consider it the F-Pace's smaller brother and an encore to the F-Pace. Of course, we've got to wonder: Is it any good?

See CarWow's take on the subject, you may just be surprised...

This is the all-new Jaguar E-Pace. It may look like an F-Pace that's had a facelift to give it a more youthful appeal, but can the same be said for what's hiding under the bonnet? Watch my latest in-depth review to find out!

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Did Jaguar Swing And MISS With The All-new E-Pace?

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