Although I know it's hard to think back about 20 years ago, give it a shot.

Think about entry-level vehicles like the Mazda Protege and Honda Civic. They weren't exactly beauts.

But people bought them much like they bought appliances. It wasn't about making a statement as much as it was about getting a reliable piece of hardware to get you from point "A" to "B."

Los Angeles Auto Show

**READ the all-new Mazda 3's press release HERE!

Fast forward to today. Boy, has that philosophy changed.

This week Mazda revealed the all-new 3. Looking sharper than ever, the 3 has a much more premium looking exterior to it. Rather than look like an entry-level, Japanese economy car, it boasts styling that has hints of Alfa Romeo to it. To me, it's the Japanese Brera we've always wanted.

Now available with all-wheel drive, it looks like Mazda is taking dead aim on the likes of Subaru in the battle of the most viable niche auto manufacturer. That said, we've got to ask: Are YOU digging this OTHER side of today's entry-level vehicles?

Los Angeles Auto Show

#LAAutoShow: Is Mazda Bringing SEXY Back With The All-new 3 Hatch? Real-life Pics Show Us ANOTHER Side Of Entry-level Cars...

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