I was recently flipping through my iPhone one morning when I swiped and got a slew of news stories via the News widget.

It's a nice touch if I am honest and a simple way to see the headlines that are trending.

One struck me right away: "That Swanky $70,000 Pickup Might Not Be Worth It."

I laughed. Mostly because I wondered whether or not the writer had actually driven one of the latest high-end pick up trucks, and secondly because I am driving a RAM 1500 Limited this week. Sticker price? About $68,000.

Long story short, the writer notes that today's latest and greatest pick up trucks don't have the same features as today's luxury sedans. This includes the fragrance that wafts out of its vents, a massive screen and autopilot — even though the "autopilot" functions of today are far from level five autonomy. Who's counting though, right?

They seem to forget that these vehicles are heavy duty and are engineered to take a beating. Surely the price isn't accounting for its trick suspension, enormous cabins and off-road ability, right?

Having said that, I was left wondering what the Spies think: Should today's high-end pick up trucks deliver  more of a luxury experience and feature more tech, OR should they still retain their utility and truck-like vibe?

A dusty fracker deep in the North Dakota oil fields scrambles into his shiny new pickup and pushes the electronic ignition. He settles in as the calming fragrance of cedar whispers from the vent. Reaching behind, he pulls a cold kombucha from the built-in chiller. As a man-made starscape flickers on the headliner, he sits back and lets the truck drive him home.

Of course, this vehicle doesn’t exist, at least not yet. Though American factories are stamping out increasingly opulent and expensive pickup trucks—some cracking the $80,000 mark—the creature comforts and tech-drenched amenities on these machines still fall years behind what buyers typically find on similarly priced luxury cars...

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Are High Priced Pick Ups NOT Worth It Or Does This Writer Just NOT Get It?

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