About AutoSpies.com, LLC:

AutoSpies.com LLC was founded by Donald Buffamanti, former SVP of MP3.com, and former technical advisor to the President of Apple Computer Canada; Chip Grueter, President of Dealerrater.com LLC; and Greg Flores, co-founder of MP3.com. The spy chiefs have built a social network of thousands of industry employees, analysts, dealers and car fanatics who routinely leak information—spy photos, next generation product plans, unpublished rebates, and performance failures—to their news network.

AutoSpies.com LLC has given millions of reader's money saving and insider information on cars, which cannot be found anywhere else in print or on the internet.

Since 2001, the AutoSpies.com LLC team has taken it from a vision to one of the largest and most respected car sites on the World Wide Web, getting visits and interaction from millions of readers per month. AutoSpies.com is one of the highest ranked auto information sites on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines. AutoSpies.com is also featured on a weekly television segment on SanDiego6 News.

AutoSpies.com LLC is headquartered out of Plano, Texas.

To learn more about AutoSpies.com LLC, contact Donald Buffamanti at 001@autospies.com or visit www.AutoSpies.com.

About the Founder:
Donald Buffamanti (001) is the CEO and Founder of AutoSpies.com and PhotoSpies.com. He was the former Senior Vice-President of MP3.com and Technical Advisor to the President of Apple Computer Canada. He is also a world reknowned photographer of automobiles, models, people, places and all interesting and beautiful things. Donald also does a regular TV segment on SanDiego6 television.

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