To a certain extent, the new Ford Flex embodies today’s Western society, personifying excess in one of its most pleasing forms. How has Ford managed this? Simply by offering a fundamentally useful and practical car wrapped in a cutting edge package. The Flex’s aesthetical calling is clearly to inflame our passion. No one is left indifferent by it: either you love it or you hate it, but you definitely react to it.

I think its interesting and bold. When the Fairlane Concept, the Flex’s predecessor, was launched, I was intrigued by the overall spirit of the car, and this standard version conveys it well. Looking at the Flex, you’re struck by the unusual simplicity and utter boldness of the design. Its like a child took pen to paper.

It’s all angles, up and down, left and right, with pretty much nothing else in between. Just as surprising is the actual size of the Flex, which is smaller than it appears in pictures. The dimensions are well balanced while maximizing vehicle length.

The engineers paid attention to detail, giving the Flex just enough ingredients to strengthen its personality. Most striking are the grooves running across the doors and tailgate, the oversized fenders and the contrasting colour of the roof and outside mirrors. You can’t help but think of a King Size Mini Clubman!

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2009 Ford Flex SEL AWD Review

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