The top ten cars sold at auction in 2009 went for $12.2M on the high end, $3.1M on the low. That means there were at least ten people this year who responded to the town crier's screams of "Recession and Depression!" by saying, "Honey, did you hear what that man said? I couldn't make it out because I was busy smacking my lips all over these gold plated bon-bons. They're delicious. Here, try one..."

Not only was this a(nother) big year for auctions, in some ways it was the biggest year: the record for the highest car ever sold at auction was set at RM Auctions' Leggenda e Passione event in Maranello, Italy in May. If that's how buyers dealt with the sequel to The Great Depression, we have no doubt auctioneers are hoping for the same kind of discrete-consumption-is-the-new-black bidding next year. Follow on the for the full list...

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2009's Top Ten Cars Sold at Auction

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