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The next generation 2012 BMW 3 Series is still a few years out, but this does not stop the curiosity of the true bimmer fans.
Our friend Giom decided to show us some renderings of what the next generation BMW 3 Series might look like.

If you remember, Giom is the same designer that came up with the really cool 2012 BMW M6 renderings that were posted on here back in May. I agree with Giom when he says that the next generation 3-series will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, so the styling reflects the current cues, which includes the CS concept.

The headlights retain its basic shape and the intake openings move to the sides of the lower bumper. According to him, this is still an area where the renderings can be improved. There are also lots of detail in the surface folds and creases, creating interesting reflections and shapes. The line bending upwards on the side is a visual helper in creating the illusion of speed. This ‘upward’ line repeats in the rear bumper.

Within the next 2-3 series, the final design will be approved by BMW and we will see which direction the will choose to go towards.

Well, I hope you will enjoy these renderings and feel free to leave your comments, suggestions or just a general opinion.

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