An all-new C-segment SUV is under development at Fiat which is going to be marketed higher than the current 500X meaning that it should become the future top of the range Fiat crossover. While there aren’t many official details available, not too long ago the car has been spied testing, and it looks quite a bit larger than the 500X. On top of that, the 2018 Fiat C-SUV is also going to be sold under the Dodge brand, most likely as the successor for the Durango.

What is significant about this car?

So far Fiat announced that their Compact US Wide platform will not be used for this new model which contradicts the early rumors which suggested that the car will be based on it. Unfortunately, they haven’t said on what platform the car is going to be based on but it seems that the upcoming C-SUV might still be a rear wheel drive model, just like the Durango was before it. This would become Fiat’s first rear wheel drive car in many years, and it should mark the start of a new beginning.

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2018 Fiat C-SUV - an all-new crossover. First spy photos!

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