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Always remember, ladies and gentlemen, looks can be deceiving. Yes, so this all-new car built specifically for the Indian market is not a sport-utility vehicle but it is rugged and will be charging down underdeveloped roads for years to come.

Although not intended to make its way to Europe or North America, as far as we know, we do want to know if you would want this Toyota. It is said to be bigger than a Tata Nano in size and price but not by much.

The cars that were unveiled are not finalized production versions, although they are close to the end result.

CAR reports:

"Toyota unveiled the Etios hatchback and saloon concepts today at the 2010 New Delhi auto show. It’s Toyota’s New Compact Car for the growing Indian car market.

The Etios is aimed at family users, and is consequently a notch above the Tata Nano – in size and anticipated prices.

Although concepts..."

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