I remember when the E46 BMW M3 made its long-awaited debut.

Like every other single M car to date, it was something that everyone was looking forward to. It looked gorgeous, had more power and it sounded like a chainsaw. What wasn't there to like?

Well, some would likely say some of the colors. I remember press shots of Laguna Seca Blue and Phoenix Yellow. They looked great!

Then they started arriving on dealer lots. That would be when the tide turned and polarization ensued. Some folks fell in love with the "Smurf Blue" hue and some adored the yellow-y/green-ish tint to Phoenix Yellow. It was a bit of an acquired taste.

No question Carbon Black was the classier color to have but it certainly lacked some originality.

So, it seems that someone must have really enjoyed that Laguna Seca though because one recently landed at a dealership. This time it wasn't on an M3 though, it was on the big daddy, M6 coupe.

That said, is this color AWESOME or AWFUL on the BMW M6?

BMW Individual color (Laguna Seca Blue) that someone custom ordered.

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AWESOME or AWFUL: Though This BMW Color Was Offered On An Older M Car, Is It Working On The All-New M6?

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