Are WEIRD, Frankenstein-like, random car models the craft beer of auto enthusiasts? Bitter garbage, but liking them makes you look cool in front of others?

There's a unique niche where unconventional, sometimes Frankenstein-esque vehicles capture the hearts of a dedicated group of enthusiasts. These car models, often characterized by their bizarre aesthetics, unique features, or limited production numbers, can be likened to the craft beer of the automotive world.

In 2024, you can't just go into a bar and order a Coors. It has to be a red pale, stought, double ipa, scented with lavendar. Craft beer is known for its distinctiveness, creativity, and dedication to quality. Some love and some think it’s the biggest scam on earth to get people to pay $8.00 for a draft and like it. Similarly, these peculiar car models embody a sense of individuality and innovation that sets them apart from their mass-produced counterparts. This distinctiveness can be attributed to the unique blend of design elements, custom features, and even the incorporation of repurposed parts that give these cars a Frankenstein-like appearance.

However, not all enthusiasts appreciate these unconventional models. Some may view them as RUBBISH. But for those who appreciate their unique charm, these cars offer an opportunity to stand out in a sea of conformity.

Liking these strange car models can also serve as a social signal, a way for individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and passion for the automotive world. Much like craft beer, being an enthusiast of these vehicles can be a way to bond with like-minded individuals and showcase one's taste and sophistication. In a sense, it can make a person look cool in front of others who share the same interests.

While not everyone may appreciate the unique charm of these unconventional car models, they have a dedicated following among auto enthusiasts. Their distinctiveness, combined with the social cachet they offer, makes them like the one off beers of the automotive world. Whether you love them or hate them, there's no denying that these peculiar vehicles have carved out a special place in the hearts of their fans.

Are YOU one of the ones who is all in on these or do you detest them?

And if you do love or hate them which models do it for you? Bad or good.

We included a sample below to give you inspiration....

Are WEIRD, FRANKENSTEIN-Like, Random Car Models The CRAFT BEER Of Auto Enthusiasts? Bitter Garbage But Liking Them Makes You Look Cool In Front Of Others?

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