Seems when I talk to people car people can be as divided as political people when it comes to strategies to acquire new vehicles.

You got the one that is "I ONLY BUY A CAR because I like to OWN my things and you have the other that is "I LEASE ALL MY CARS and write them off 100%."

Or something to that effect.

And I LOVE how both sides speak so braggadociously about it. "I pay CASH not like those losers who finance" or "You gotta be an IDIOT to BUY and not LEASE!" I know, I humor easily.

So what we'd like to know is which camp are YOU in. PURCHASE only or LEASE only?

And tell us WHY YOUR strategy is BEST.


Are YOU The Person That Only BUYS Or Only LEASES Vehicles? What Camp Are YOU In And WHY?

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