Alfa Romeo has commenced the process of discontinuing the only sedan in their line-up, the 159. Even though reliability (at least for early models) was mixed, one cannot ignore the simply stunning and awe-inspiring design and looks of their popular sports sedan. While an official date for Alfa's re-entry into the American market is still murky, it can now be officially confirmed that the 159 will NEVER come stateside. Ironically, however, one of the reasons for its phasing out are the allegedly "poor aerodynamics", caused by that agressive front-end. Its replacement, the Giulia, isn't expected to be launched until well into 2013, leaving Alfa out of a highly competitive segment. If it's any consolation for those in the US, this car WILL be heading stateside, IF Alfa decide to finally figure out a date to come. But what if you desperately want that 159? Well, luckily for you, the 159 was built to conform with all US motor vehicle regulations, so your best bet is to import one straight from Italy! Rest In Peace, 159!

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Arrivederci 159. Alfa's iconic sports sedan winding up production!

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