I really want to ask the Autospies community about which is the best of the three main luxury brands in Germany - Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Now, before Michael Taylor comes around to say that some crap SC 430 is better than all of them, I must remind people that this is the 3 main GERMAN brands. Last time I checked, Lexus isn't German, so don't bring other brands into the question please.

I think that Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have the tightest rivalry in the auto industry. Mercedes-Benz are big on comfort, BMW on performance, and Audi on, um, well I don't know - but Audi seem to target younger audiences and are generally good quality cars.

I'm asking you, the Autospies community, which is the best brand in your opinion. Obviously some of you hold some attributes tighter to you than others, like comfort or performance. So, in a simple response, tell us the best out of those three and why you chose that.

Below is my response:

I am going to have to say BMW, just by a whisker, passing Mercedes-Benz in second and Audi in third.

Quite simply, BMW generally better the competition. The 5 Series is much better than the E-Class and smashes the A6 into pieces. The new 7 Series looks like a stand-out car, very advanced, though I still like the S-Class a lot. The X5 is brilliant and beautiful, and does take the ML and Q7 out of the question. The 3 Series Coupe and Convertible are great cars, though the A5 is pretty good. The 1 Series hatch is better than the A3, and BMW is, scraping past MB, the best in R & D. Obviously, a brand that doesn't pride themselves in novelty LED headlamps succeeds for me.

Though, these are my opinions.


1 Series>CLC/A>A3
C-Class>3 Series>A4
5 Series>E-Class>A6
7 Series>S-Class>A8
A5/3 Series/CLK

Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Which one?

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