Let's see, what mainstream auto site was the ONLY one to predict that the Audi e-tron would FLOP in the USA.

Oh, that would be us.

Why did we think that SO early on?

Well, we don't have three hours but in a nutshell, disappointing range (virtually everything to potential buyers) and who wants to pay almost 100k for a product that looks like a fifteen year old All-Road?

Then, enter COVID which of course, makes the sales prospects even worse.

So what is there response to fix the underperformance? They just dropped the price $9k (still massively overpriced) and somehow milked another 18 miles of range out of it.

So tell us Spies, does anyone believe this model has ANY chance of ever becoming a real sales winner?

Especially just after one of their execs told the world they're at LEAST two years behind Tesla (more like 5-7).

Audi E-Tron poor sales exposed by Auto Spies

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Audi USA Drops Fledgling 2021 e-tron Price 9G's And Adds 18 More Miles Of Range. Does ANYONE Care At This Point?

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