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"I’m fairly certain I’ve spotted a difference between this car and the previous model,” declared an excited motoring hack at the launch of the new Audi A3. “It looks to me as if they’ve altered the fuel cap.”

Clearly, a novice: surely no expert scrutineer could fail to notice the longer wheelbase , its shorter overhangs and its lower seating positions? How could anybody with half a clue be in any doubt that this is, as Audi rather defensively declared , “not a facelift and not a remodelling: it’s a completely new car”?

Well, ahem: you could have fooled me. Not only does this A3 look like the 2003 version, but the casual observer could also be forgiven for mistaking the new car for the very first A3 that appeared in 1996. Every sophisticate understands, of course, that “less is more”; but, in this case, somebody might suspect that Audi is not exactly knocking itself out.

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Audi's New A3: Just An Average Car In Luxury Clothing?

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