You can't be a past or present Apple employee and not be a fan/critic of great design.

It's in our blood.

And in the world of cars it's no different.

A vehicle can do everything right but if it doesn't look good too, it's a miss.

There are a lot of really good looking rides being introduced by the manufacturers but only ONE has what it takes to win the Auto Spies BEST in style and design award.

The one that got things JUST right.

Both inside and out.

This year's winner is....

The all new Audi A7 four door coupe.

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In my opinion it evokes the same emotional beauty and takes the 4 door coupe design started by Mercedes with the first generation CLS to the next level.

Side by side against the NEW CLS we think Audi throws the knockout punch.

The CLS design is trying too hard to get attention in a 'Jersey Shore' kind of way whereas the A7 speaks- "I'm the everyman's Aston Martin Rapide"  and "Arrivederci Quattroporte"with it's timeless makeup.

From the second I saw it at the auto shows I was seduced and smittened.

So much so that you know I almost bought one for myself.

If my personal cars didn't sit so much in the driveway because we're always testing and reviewing new cars, the A7 would be my go-to daily driver.

I've had the pleasure to drive it in Europe and now in the USA and I can tell you with it's all new lightweight Audi technology, this is one Audi that can steal away even the most ardent BMW driver.

And if the reactions from the people who've seen me driving the streets of SoCal with it are any indication, this car will be on FIRE.

People were literally hanging out of their windows in traffic just to get a glimpse.

ESPECIALLY, the BMW drivers!

And TRUST me, if you drive it you will go GAGA for it!

The design is GOD-like!

You've always known Audi makes the highest quality interiors in the biz but the new stuff hitting the streets are as good as the best drivers on the planet.

Congratulations Audi on an absolutely outstanding product!

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Auto Spies Picks The BEST in Style And Design Award Winner 2012. Can You Guess This Year's Car?

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