Well, BMW has done it again. Just when you thought they were going the route of Volvos - safe, characterless vehicles made for old business men with bellies who play a lot of golf - the engineers at Bavarian Motor Works shock and amaze us all. While there may not be a new M3 to ogle at this year, there are two coupe models that are sure to make your jaw drop. And even though it’s not the turbocharged beast, the 328xi still delivers quite a punch and is drop-dead gorgeous to boot.

Less is more
Sometimes, by taking something away, you make the finished product that much more complete. This is ultimately true for the coupe 328xi model. With two doors instead of four the entire shape, as well as the lines, of the car have been changed. While BMWs have always graced our roads with sleek designs and flowing lines, the new coupe model puts the previous generations to shame. And rightly so.

The elongated front end and sloping rear bumper give the car a never-ending, cyclical feel of smooth corners and rounded edges. Subtle side flares and half-lid headlights give the 328xi an almost imperceptibly aggressive presence. Crouched low on 18-inch cross-spoke alloy wheels, this BMW seems ready to pounce at any given moment. While longer than previous 3-series generations - the large doors and stretched-out nose aren’t just playing tricks on the eyes - the coupe maintains a wide stance on the road, perfect for the inevitable spirited trips it will take.

Mundane luxury
I have to admit, I was expecting more when I sat down in the 328xi for the first time. While the interior is both ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing, it seems to lack that luxurious oomph I was so hoping to experience. Outfitted with burl walnut wood trim and black leather seats, when described it evokes oohs and aahs, but upon closer inspection leaves something to be desired.

Functionally, the cockpit is superb. With power-adjustable seats - complete with adjustable bolsters and leg support - telescopically adjustable steering wheel, and a dash that’s truly designed with the driver in mind, sitting in the BMW is a real joy. Even as a rear passenger there was plenty of leg room and thanks to the middle console stretching straight through to the rear seats - making the 328xi a four-seater - even back seat dwellers are living it up.

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