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Last night, we got word that the one of the most awaited BMW cars, the CS Concept, has been canceled due to the financial crisis Europe and U.S is facing. In a press conference, BMW’s CEO, Mr Reithofer, confirmed that there will not be a series model of Concept CS”.
The CS has been rumored to be the next BMW flagship which might have replaced the discontinued 8 Series. The BMW CS Concept made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show back in 2007 and it was one of the BMW’s most acclaimed concepts. Bimmer fans and car lovers were thrilled with the innovation and the plans BMW had for their new car.

The first rumors that the Concept will make into production surfaced in September 2007 and it was confirmed at that time by BMW’s CEO himself.

Obviously, the recent decline in sales and the financial crisis has everything with to do with BMW’s plans to nix the CS Concept, but as a BMW fan, I can only hope that sometimes in the future, the car will make its way into the production lines.

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