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BMW AG chief executive officer, Mr. Norbert Reithofer, announced today that the BMW X6 had been already sold out for this year. According to him, BMW plans to produce 40,000 units in average worldwide in a full production year during the product's lifecycle. Half of the worldwide production quota will be reserved for U.S sales.

Surprising that the X6 is sold out? Well, not really, most of the U.S dealerships sold their cars within the first week and there is a waiting list already. Wait until the X6 xDrive50 hits the showrooms….Do you remember the article I have posted about BMW X6 vs Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover ? It was based on an internal BMW document which compared the above cars head-to-head. The article made waves all over the web and it has been bashed by many people. Like here

No one really believed that the X6 will be such an outstanding car. I remember talking to a BMW employee that had the opportunity to test the car back in January and his exact words were: "Everyone will be blown away by the performance and handling of this new model, there is simply no other car in its class that will match up".

If you haven't had the chance to drive one, call your local dealers and maybe you'll find one that you can drive.

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