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Downsizing has been the name of the game lately, and all players are at the chopping block from the Germans to the Italians to the French and Japanese. Smaller is the new bigger, as far as trends go from the ’70's era to where we are today. Most buyers in BMW showrooms and even many BMW enthusiasts are surprised to learn that BMW has a giant 6 liter V12 on offer for 2013, and it comes with two turbochargers charging its intake – as if the V12's grunt wasn’t enough.

How has this V12 managed to stay out of the spot light? It could have something to do with the way it floats down the road in near silence. In truth, I believe it has more to do with the fact BMW are borderline embarrassed that they offer such a stonking engine; an engine that sucks back premium in a good ‘Ol ’70s kinda way and puts power, panache and pride firmly in front of economy in a 1990's Wall Street kinda way. The V12 flies in the face of BMW’s efficient dynamics marketing tag lines – though this V12 is actually a fuel miser considering its potent performance figures.

Another reason why this V12 lives on without much press is because of the fact it’s only offered in the engine bay of the long wheelbase 7 series. BMW sells very few of these cars, and the people who drive them seldom show up at community picnics to mix and mingle. You’re unlikely to meet a V12 7 series owner unless you’re likely to meet a plethora of CEOs.

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