More details of the 2024 Jeep Wrangler are leaking out.

This comes from a forum that claims they heard this directly from a dealer salesperson who saw the presentation today.

One interesting addition is a claim that for 2024 they will have a FULL EV Wrangler.

Here is a supposed photo and the additional details...

"A CDJR salesperson claims Stellantis held an internal online presentation today.

Among the changes/updates I've been able to gather:
* An all-new digital instrument cluster
* A larger screen with Uconnect 5
* Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto
* Optional power and ventilated seats
* 392 will come standard with 35-inch tires and 4.88 gearing
* There might be a fully electric version
* The new grille shown on the 2023 Rubicon 20th Anniversary might become standard on certain trim levels

I'm sure we can be certain prices will go up across the board, yet again."

Stay tuned...more details as we get them.

BREAKING! MORE 2024 Jeep Wrangler Details Are LEAKING Out.

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