It’s a question we’ve all figuratively asked but never thought we’d get answered: what would happen if Bugatti made an extreme track-only, lightweight hypercar? Wonder no more.

This is the Bugatti Bolide – Molsheim’s 1,842bhp, 1,240kg downforcetastic love letter to bleeding-edge engineering and organ-bruising lap times. 5m 23.1s around the Nordschleife kinda lap times. Yikes. That’s not all, in a low downforce setting Bugatti claims the Bolide could also do more than 310mph. And thanks to all-wheel-drive, can also shoot from 0-62mph in 2.17 seconds. So no matter how you like your fast served, the Bolide will dish it up. We just hope you’re hungry.

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Bugatti Unleashes The MIND BENDING 1842HP Bolide Track-Only Car

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