I've been quietly testing the all new Mustang Mach-E and without spoiling my review, it's turning A LOT of heads everywhere we go.

We were told by a few people it won the best of at Cars and Coffee last Saturday in Rancho Santa Fe.

And if you've ever been here, that's high praise based on the type of rides that show their faces there.

So today when I spied this Audi E-Tron I thought it would be cool to do a side-by-side photo shoot and let you all decide WHICH is the better looking vehicle.

So which is it Spies? Audi E-Tron OR Mustang Mach-E? And while we're at it, which company picked the better name for their EV?

Also, (you can see some preview shots at our Instagram @AutoSpies)

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CAR WARS! WHICH Is The BETTER Looking EV? Audi E-Tron OR Mustang Mach-E? And While We're At It, What NAME Is Better As Well?

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