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The Chevrolet WTCC Ultra will be in the center of the automaker's stand at the Paris Motor Show later this month. The WTCC Ultra is a ready-to-drive concept, according to Chevy, that "bends the present World Touring Car Championship regulations". Chevy says it was designed by a team around the globe, which makes sense if one compares the highly exaggerated front grille to the one found on this Chevy Malibu test mule in the States. It's stubby, muscular proportions, though, are supposed to suggest it's going fast when standing still. A 190-hp diesel engine powers the WTCC Ultra when it actually is going fast. Renderings are great fun, but we're very interested to see for ourselves in person how this concept's styling transfers into plastic and steel.

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Chevy WTCC Ultra concept to debut in Paris

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