After more than 400 miles of driving the new Acura RLX, I can think of little good to say about it. Being neither luxurious nor sporty, the RLX fails to excite. And that's putting it mildly.

The brand-new RLX—Acura's flagship sedan and successor to the unsuccessful RL—is likely destined for deep levels of obscurity, aiding by bland styling. The RLX is slab-sided and devoid of any visual impact whatsoever. In contrast, when I was driving the new Lincoln MKZ weeks ago, onlookers actually approached me with comments like, "This car looks dynamite." The RLX has yet to garner a single "ooh" or "ah," nor so much as a second glance. As my coworker Michelle Tsai Podlaha said in a previous video, the RLX is well suited to drivers in a witness protection program.

While the RLX is upscale, its lacks the true luxury feel common in the segment, as well as some equipment.

Heated steering wheel? Not available.
Heated rear seats? No.
Power rear sunshade? Absent.
Sunshades for the rear side windows? Non-existent.
Fog lights? Not here.
Back-up parking sensors? Nope.
Cross-traffic alert? Nada.



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