When it comes to entry-level fun, Mazda has always been a company that's been able to package up an entertaining offering.

The Mazda 3 has, in recent years, been highly regarded for its ability and well-appointed interior.

But there's an all-new sheriff in town, Spies. An all-new 3 is here to play.

Did Mazda keep its ingredients the same or kick it up on a notch?

According to our friends across the pond at CAR magazine, it sounds like everything is moving in the right direction. With exception of the entry-level engine they tested, however. Stay tuned for the latest SkyActiv-X engine.

New Mazda 3: verdict

Less packhorse, then, and more race horse – at least it should be when it gets the engine it deserves. Even without it though the new Mazda 3 is an impressive newcomer in the busy family hatchback marketplace, depending, of course, on your priorities.

If you’re reading it here, we think you might find it just your kind of car. And enjoy driving it.

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