Though Lexus has solidly conquered the U.S. market, the same cannot be said for Europe. The Europeans just haven't been as thoroughly impressed with Lexus' products like we have.

If you do take a trip to London though, you will notice a helluva lot of RX hybrids and even some of the elusive LS600 Hybrids. Why, you ask? If you have a hybrid, you can avoid congestion charges!

Moving on, the all-new Lexus GS is a big deal for the brand for a couple of reasons: 1) It ushers in the all-new Lexus look with its new "face." 2) It's the first car -- aside from the "F" models -- that amps up the sport and makes driving dynamics a critical element to the vehicle.

Competition in the midsize luxury sedan landscape is tougher than ever, with the likes of the Audi A6, BMW 5-Series, Infiniti M and Mercedes-Benz E-Class heating things up. In Europe though there's one main concern, especially when their gas prices make ours look like a charity case: fuel economy.

That spurred Lexus to launch the GS250 abroad, which is what Top Gear magazine decided to drive and give a brief review of.

An excerpt follows:

Lexus staunchly refuses to go down the diesel route, and the GS isn't a bad car - but in the face of competition from cars that are demonstrably better to drive, you'll have to be very anti-BMW Five (or Mercedes E250CDI, for that matter) to give it serious thought.

That being said, is the GS dead on arrival or is it merely just being frowned upon for it's not a competitive fuel sipper?

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DRIVEN: Is The LEXUS GS Off To A BAD Start In Europe?

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