Easily considered one of the best all around, fun cars on the planet is Volkswagen's Golf GTI. It has just enough horsepower, just enough utility with its rear hatch and its roomy for four adult-sized passengers.

And now VW has given it an all-new update. Following the lead of the MKVI, The MKVII is expected to bring the goods.

BUT, did it?

Only one way to find out is from one of our trusted sources: Autocar's Steven Sutcliffe gives it the proper test it needs.

That said, what do you think: does VW's Golf GTI set the benchmark as the BEST all arounder?

The long-awaited seventh installment of the Volkswagen Golf GTI has proved to be a revelation. Specify it with a performance pack and you'll get power boosted to 227bhp and an electronically controlled mechanical limited slip diff, all of which makes a very good car even better.

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DRIVEN + VIDEO: Can Volkswagen's All-New Golf GTI Hold Onto Its Benchmark,

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