De Blasio — who is chauffeured around New York City in a tax dollar-funded SUV — advised New Yorkers Thursday not to fear the subways amid the global novel coronavirus pandemic.

He told New Yorkers Thursday they don't need to buy a new car. My advice to New Yorkers is, ‘Do not buy a car," de Blasio said. “Cars are the past”

This advice comes as the MTA faces a $16 billion deficit.

What's next. Don't have a NY Auto Show anymore because it's over for cars?

People are going to be walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan on a 30-below January winter day?

I mean even if you believed that as the mayor, would you alienate those people and businesses? Who by the way, pay HUGE taxes in a shrinking tax base with all those leaving?

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DiBlasio Who Is Chauffeured Around New York City In A Tax Dollar-Funded SUV, Tells People NOT To Buy Cars!

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