Designer Gerry McGovern told us he wanted to capture the essence of the original Defenders while incorporating modern technology, and majored on geometric shapes (the front and rear lights; window panels; entire rear section), with a strong emphasis on horizontal lines along the side and vertical lines at the rear.

This is all designer-speak, but the result, I think, is tremendous. For some it may be a bit too SUV-ish, but for me it has retained enough of the old car to be instantly recognizable as a Defender, while at the same time not looking like a throw-back, or dated.

Ok, let's cut to the chase...This reviewer agrees that the new Defender has the 'essence' of the original? Did he NOT look at the face?

Tell us Spies, is this a UK reviewer trying to get on the next LR press junket or is he REALLY serious on this call?

Do YOU see the 'essence' of Defender or maybe he meant ELEMENT?

It might as well have a Discovery badge on it. No one would know it was a Defender if the name wasn't on it.

Sorry, but as HUGE fans of the old Defender, we think this is the BIGGEST miss of re-doing an icon in a long time.

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Do YOU Agree With This Sunday Times Fanboy Review That The New Defender Has The ESSENCE Of The Original? Or Is It Discovery 2.0?

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