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Mosport is, unequivocally, North America’s highest speed racetrack. For several years Mosport raceway – now badged Canadian Tire Motorsport Park under new ownership – has provided BMWBLOG the ideal proving grounds to test the true dynamics of BMW cars and SUVs. I suppose it is in some measure Canada’s Nurburgring – minus the castle and great length (so… it’s not really – but that sounds cool). Suffice it to say that Mosport is BMWBLOG’s home proving ground and playground and after putting in so many laps both wet and dry, we affectionately call it home.

Of course, we’ve tested more than BMW metal around this retired Formula 1 circuit. Late this summer I strapped into a shiny new Nissan GTR to set a new benchmark for lap time and trap speed. BMWBLOG met Godzilla, as she’s so aptly been named.

I write this racetrack review for BMWBLOG for two key reasons: to draw comparisons between Nissan’s AWD system and BMW M’s XM AWD system; secondly to ponder the success of Godzilla, and where BMW’s M3 slots in by way of competition.

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