It has to be frustrating to be at Hyundai every time a new vehicle comes out and hear the world always prefer the KIA design version to theirs.

I remember when I was considering Palisade vs. Telluride I MUCH preferred the KIA. In almost EVERY case, the KIA look seems to always win the beauty contest.

Then today, I saw this Palisade with this one small modification and when I was done oogling it, I said to myself, "THIS one is as good looking as a Telluride."

So I called the Hyundai dealer in town and asked is there a murdered out black version of the Palisade like the Telluride 'Night Edition' this year?

His answer was no, we just put a $1300 blackout kit on a Limited.

Well all I can say to my friends at Hyundai is you NEED this to be a trim choice from the factory.

It TOTALLY improved the look of the rather Lexified mouth on the normal Palisades.

So spies, let us know...does this one do it for you and when it's wearing this outfit, does it EQUAL the look of the Telluride?

Does This ONE Simple Change On The Hyundai Palisade KILL The Perpetual Second Place Finish Curse To KIA Designs?

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