So you THINK you're a car expert after test driving a 488, 720s and the new Corvette?

Here's a snippet of their review after driving all three.

Unlike McLaren's low res/laggy screen, the infotainment was butter smooth with as high pixel density as the newest Mercedes system. (The 458/488/F8's "infotainment" is only entertainment because it's a joke at this point). CarPlay worked seamlessly and the base Bose sound system was surprisingly great, if not a tad too heavy on bass. The suspension was softer than my M3 in Tour mode and cabin insulation was also far better than the exotics.

Summary: The car I drove was an LT1 car with Z51 package. At the MSRP of $65k it's honestly speechlessly good. Even for $20-30k more I can't think of a car I'd get over this. A decently optioned Cayman GTS would be $100k+ and still has far worse daily usability and technology, and with only marginally better driving experience for the average joe on the average roads.

Spies, do YOU want this poor soul where he's gone wrong? No hate on the Vette, we like it. But in the words of Keyshawn Johnson, C'MON MAN!

Respond accordingly below and educate the man please....

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