Surprise! Agent001 was not just in Portugal for the all-new 2011 BMW 5-series launch, but he was also there for the introduction of the all-new 2011 BMW 335iS. This has been a car we have been hotly anticipating.

After speaking with 001, he had very good things to say. He reported back to me that the iS gets good mileage, has a superb exhaust note, bears exclusivity over the regular 335 equipped with a sport package, AND the best part of all:

Unlike aftermarket and modified 335s, this does not void your warranty since it comes tuned directly from the factory.

Prices start at $50,525 -- including destination -- for the 335iS coupe.

001 said that this is a very compelling offering and that he would consider getting the 335iS over the M3 coupe since it is approximately $9,000 cheaper.

Want more? Check out the newly launched 335iS gallery, which has over 300 photos -- more than ANY other site on the 'net.

Does the iS get the thumbs up or thumbs down? Peruse the photo gallery for the best photographs from 001, only here on AutoSpies.

2011 BMW 335iS Photo Gallery

2011 BMW 335iS Photo Gallery

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