This is a phenomenon I've discovered over the last ten years or so. And no matter HOW hard I rack my brain I've yet to figure out the answer.

Maybe there is SOMEONE out there who can give me the FIRST intelligent explanation of WHY this is what it is?

And DO try this at home...

Go price a few NEW trucks...F-150, Chevy, Jeep, etc with all the discounts and financing offers THEN go on ebay/craigs/cars or whatever your favorite car buying site is and search for LESS than three year old versions of the SAME vehicles.

And what you'll discover after doing all the research is that in MOST cases you will be able to buy the BRAND NEW LATEST VERSION vehicle with the discounts for LESS than the used ones you'll find online!

In WHICH world does that make ANY sense?

WHO among you has the knowledge and is CAPABLE of answering the MOST mysterious question in the motor vehicle world today?


Explain The Phenomenon That Makes NO Sense! WHY Are MOST Late Model Pickup Trucks And Jeeps CHEAPER To Buy New With Discounts Than USED?

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