One of my favorite new cars going into the 2012 model year is the all-new Mercedes-Benz CLS. Its got that perfect mix of power, excitement and a sleek design. Although not everyone agrees with me, I am standing my ground.

But even the most powerful CLS, the 63 AMG isn't enough for all enthusiasts. So, when in doubt, slam a V12 under hood. Brabus did just that with its latest offering, the Rocket 800.

Though there isn't any formal statement from Brabus yet, I think it's safe to say that it's a forced induction product since there are LARGE air intakes at the front of the vehicle. Something that needs to breath that much must be forced induction.

Either that or I am going to look like a massive idiot.

Stay tuned to AutoSpies to see the Brabus Rocket 800 at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.


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FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW: Brabus' V12-Powered Rocket Launched Before The Show

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