With the birth of the powerful Apple iPad, you had to of known that it was only a matter of time before they were integrated into cars. That's probably because they are capable of so much, are removable and have internet access. However, we have predominantly seen pretty bad jobs of making them one with the cockpit of any vehicle.

Until now.

Volkswagen not only stunned Geneva with the reintroduction of the Microbus, dubbed "Bulli," but where VW really shocked was with its iPad integration. Not only is it done in a very stylish and clean fashion, but it is incredibly functional. Though the iPad is removable, it can handle functions like the Bulli's Bluetooth, navigation system and e-mail. Additionally, the speedometer and multifunctional display communicates with the dash-mounted iPad.

Well done, Volkswagen.

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An excerpt from Volkswagen's press release follows:

Like the body design, the interior is also marked by a level of clarity whose consistent application can only be found at Volkswagen. The passenger compartment – immersed in light during the day thanks to its panoramic sunroof – also harbors some surprises.

A practical highlight: like the T1 in times past, thanks to its level floor, the new Bulli is also equipped with a single bench seat in front. The van offers space for three in the rear as well.

An infotainment highlight: a removable iPad in the center console serves as a multifunctional touchscreen. Along with Internet-based iPad applications and the media center, it also handles control of such functions as Bluetooth hands-free telephone and a navigation system. Integrated right on the iPad mount are controls for the climate control system and the centrally-located hazard warning switch.

Typical Volkswagen: all cockpit details are clearly organized and designed to be intuitive. Running laterally across the entire width is a line with air vents. In front of the driver, there is a speedometer in the shape of a semicircle. A color multifunction display, also semi-circular in shape, can be used to view and control (via multifunctional keys in the steering wheel and on it) the navigation system, telephone, trip computer and media center – the entire unit of speedometer and multifunction display also communicates with the iPad. The key word here is sound: a system produced by legendary guitar and amplifier manufacturer Fender (USA) ensures that the music sounds as though it were being performed live. At Woodstock in 1969, Jimi Hendrix played “The Star-Spangled Banner” on a Fender Stratocaster guitar.

What is not found in the Bulli is a tachometer (unnecessary with an electric motor) or a conventional gear shift or gear selection lever (also unnecessary with an electric motor). The latter is replaced by a rotary switch to the right of the driver, which is used to activate forward and reverse gears. A push button in the same switch is used to start and stop the motor. Another rotary switch to the left of the driver is used to control the lighting functions.

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GENEVA MOTOR SHOW, EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: VW Shows Best iPad Dash Bracket Integration Yet

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