“We are hearing from our contacts in the Beltway that $7,500 tax credit could potentially be $10,000 in terms of a credit and that's going to be a massive catalyst not just for Tesla, but for the EV ecosystem in the U.S."

That's music to the ears of Tesla shareholders.

That’s huge. Increasing the EV tax incentive from $7,500, where it currently sits, to $10,000 would be a big deal for EV adoption. Since Tesla and General Motors have surpassed the 200,000 BEV sale threshold for federal tax incentives, consumers aren’t able to take advantage of the $7,500 incentive for those makes anymore. However, they could return with the Biden Administration’s help.

So who wins and who loses here Spies?


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Got Your Tesla Shares Yet? Biden Rumored To Increase Tax Incentive To $10,000. WHO WINS? WHO LOSES?

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