“When it was time to redesign the Santa Fe we faced a big challenge,” says Hyundai’s exterior design manager Nicola Danza as he shows us round the rather striking new shape. “Because of course it’s a car that has to be sold in America, Europe and Hyundai’s domestic market. We realised that we needed something completely new. A complete revolution.”

“In this case we said let’s try to make an anti-design car. Strange words for a designer but at the same time it was about making it really pure. We wanted it to be more practical, and more practical means boxier, so let’s make boxy cool again.”

“As a provocation to our management, we showed them the first model of this car with square wheels. It’s a box, so let’s make everything boxy. Actually, it’s been one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on."

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HIP TO BE SQUARE? Want To Know WHY The New Hyundai Santa Fe Got BOXY? Read On!

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