If you've been watching the media eat up Rivian and Ford Lightning prospective orders, a normal person would say with the numbers their claiming its pretty good. Especially for the Lightning. I think the last article I read said 100k orders.

UNTIL, you see this and the claims that there are THREE MILLION ORDERS for the Tesla Cybertruck.

Now I know what you're going to say. Those are only DEPOSITS. But Spies, they're only deposits for all of them.

So let's flush it out and say many won't end up being real orders. Even so, that would mean whatever the final real numbers are, Tesla has THIRTY TIMES the deposits!

And if it ends up that Tesla ends up getting 30 times the orders of the Lightning, would it be safe to say it's the END of Big 3 consumer truck dominance?

HOLD ELON'S BEER: You Won't BELIEVE How Many Tesla Cybertruck's Are Actually On Order! If TRUE, Is This The END Of Big 3 Truck DOMINANCE?

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